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Gina McIntosh


I was born and raised in France.


When I was 20 I decided to explore the world and went to Canada.


Since then I have lived in 4 countries France, Canada, UK, and the USA. I moved countless times, which strengthened my resilience.


I studied psychology, leadership, and emotional intelligence, which helped me to be a more self-aware individual.


I have worked in different fields such as counseling, training, and human resources which have broadened my skills.


I have volunteered with different non-profit organizations, which gives me purpose.​​


  • Master's Degree Leadership & Training, Royal Road University, Victoria, Canada  

  • Bachelor's Degree Counseling, Southampton University, UK

  • Certificate in the Emotional Intelligence Learning System - Houston, Texas, USA

  • I have attended several professional development trainings in such areas as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Resiliency and in Stress Management,

GINA MCINTOSH_edited.jpg


My Vision

To be a steward of purpose


 My Mission

        To inspire and empower others to achieve their goals

         and create a purposeful life.


My Values

 Professionalism, Reliability,

  Collaboration and Authenticity


"Most of us have two lives: the life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance."

Steven Pressfield

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