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There are four energy blocks that hold individuals back from following their true path to happiness, joy, abundance, and prosperity in all areas of their lives.


These four energy blocks are the following:

  1. The limiting beliefs that you hold.

  2.  The false assumptions from the past that you bring to today.

  3. The false interpretations that you make about events and people.

  4. The fear that you are not enough, the inner critic, or what is sometimes called the“gremlin”

I offer coaching sessions to help you break through these limiting blocks and realize your full potential both professionally and in your personal relationships. 

In my new Live 90-day coaching program for 2023 - Renew You - Love Your Life! I will help you overcome these energy blocks so you can start living your best life! 


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Our limiting beliefs are the algorithms of our lives.

As long as we let the power of our limiting beliefs control the way we feel about ourselves, we will continue to get the same feed every day

Gina Mcintosh

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You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Bob Marley

Image by Matthew Cabret

Balance in...




equals wellness

Technology has tried to simplify our lives. In the last few years, we have seen a surge of technological advances.


The GPS for example is a common tool to help us to go from A to Z without getting lost, it has become a part of everyday life.


With this concept in mind, I created the Guiding Personal System (GPS) ®, a simple tool utilizing Emotional Intelligence skill-building to help discover the best routes to reach our goals and to recognize the roadblocks along the way.


The Guiding Personal System® has 4 steps


1) Determining where you are: by developing emotional self-awareness: identifying your strengths and areas to be changed: i.e what works in your life and what does not.


2) Determining where you want to go: by establishing clear goals based on value-congruent behaviors, creating options, and identifying solutions.


3) Recognizing and addressing the roadblocks on the way: by taking control and building resiliency, creating social networks, and identifying resources.


4) Enjoying the ride, by taking care of yourself, making the ride comfortable, and not missing out on the scenery along the way.


Renew You - Love Your Life!

In just 90 days you can turn your life around and get it on track! 

My 90-Day Live Coaching Program -

Renew You! Love Your Life! 

is my flagship transformational coaching program where I pack over 20 years of training and experience into Live weekly group coaching sessions that is guaranteed to deliver outstanding transformation if you apply what you learn.

The next program starts in March 2023. You can learn more about it by clicking here.


 To help as many people as possible access my coaching, I'm offering a 75% savings for my first session of 2023 and spots are limited so be sure to check it out Now!

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